Website Content Contribution, Moderation & Approval Policy

Content needs to be contributed by the authorized Content Owner – the respective deputy directors from various wings of USOF in a consistent fashion to maintain uniformity and to bring in standardization along with associated metadata and keywords. The content on the portal goes through the entire life-cycle process, which consists of

  • Creation
  • Modification
  • Approval
  • Moderation
  • Publishing
  • Expiry
  • Archival

Once the content is contributed it needs to be approved and moderated prior to being published on the Website. The moderation could be multilevel and is role based. If the content is rejected at any level, then it is reverted to the originator of the content for modification.

(Approver and the moderator for each of the content element)

S. N. Content Element Basis of Content Classification   Frequency of Review Reviewer Approver
Event Time
1 About USOF Half Yearly Immediate in case of change    
2 Ongoing Projects Quarterly Immediate-for newProject/ Scheme introduced.    
3 Completed Projects Quarterly Immediate-for newProject/ Scheme introduced.    
4 Fund Status   Quarterly Immediate-for new fund disbursement status    
5 Subsidy Disbursement   Quarterly Immediate-for subsidy disbursement status    
6 Act & Rules Immediate for new circulars/Notifications    
7 RTI   Immediate in case of change.    
8 Tenders Immediate    
9 What’s New Immediate    
10 TTDF Immediate    
11 Who’s Who   Quarterly Immediate    
12 Gallery Immediate in case of change.    
13 Mission Utkarsh   Quarterly Immediate    
14 Know Your Minister Immediate in case of change.