The Guidelines for Indian Government Websites (GIGW) stipulate that expired contents must not be presented or flashed on the website. Therefore, as per the content archival policy adopted by this department, contents will be deleted from the site after its expiry date. Important data will be shifted to the archives page. Therefore, the content contributors should revalidate/modify the content periodically to ensure that expired data is not present/flashed in the site. Wherever contents are no longer needed to be displayed, suitable advice may be sent to the web information manager for their archival/deletion.

Each of the content components is accompanied by metadata, source, and validity date. For some of the components the validity date may not be known i.e., the content is stated to be perpetual. Under this scenario, the validity date should be Ten years.

For few of the components like announcements, tenders, only the live content whose validity date is after the current date is shown on the Website. For other components like documents, schemes, services, forms, websites and contact directory there is a need for timely review of the same as per the Content Review Policy.