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  • Implementation of the guidelines laid down by Government for providing Universal Service Support;
  • Suggesting such changes in policy as may be deemed necessary for implementation of Universal Service Support;
  • Formulating USOF projects/schemes under the various streams provided in the Indian Telegraph Rules, 1951, in consultation with telecom service providers and various stakeholders;
  • Designing an intelligent subsidy support model underlying the scheme/project, for reducing/closing the Viability Gap in provisioning of telecommunication service;
  • Determining desirable subsidy level, structure & disbursement schedule after undertaking a suitable costing & modeling/benchmarking exercise and competitive tendering process;
  • Designing the bidding process and carry out the tendering;
  • Entering into aptly drafted Agreements with the Universal Service Providers (USPs) with incentives & disincentives to ensure the achievement of the deliverables;
  • Monitoring the implementation of USOF projects/schemes and to disburse subsidy in accordance with the terms & conditions of the respective USOF Agreement;
  • Accurate & timely settlement of all claims of subsidy/financial support in respect of USOF schemes
  • Designing the format of various records and return to be maintained by the USPs;
  • Carrying out post-implementation review of USOF projects/schemes;
  • Budgeting and Audit of USOF activities;
  • Interfacing with international organizations such as ITU, APT and USO funds of other nations;
  • Forecasting the requirement of Universal Service Funds for each financial year and obtaining approval of Government through Department of Telecom;
  • Ensuring that the prescribed Universal Service Levy is credited to the appropriate Universal Service Fund on a regular basis.