Telecom Technology Development Fund

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Telecom Technology Development Fund

Telecom Technology Development Fund (TTDF) Scheme is aimed for domestic companies and institutions involved in technology design, development, commercialization of telecommunication products and solutions, to enable affordable broadband and mobile services in rural and remote areas.

Telecom Technology Development Fund

Telecommunication technology products require significantly large funding and long gestation periods for R&D and commercialization including the additional efforts and resources for the products to move from prototype to commercial grade. Government is willing to support industry to build high impact deep tech projects at affordable cost to enable state of the art services for rural areas in the country.

Apart from the existing R&D funding mechanisms, an allocation of 5% of annual collections from USOF will be available for funding R&D in the Telecom sector, starting with the funds collected in the financial year 2021-22.

In this connection, USOF is inviting proposals from eligible companies.

Submission of applications for Product / Technology development / Pilots etc., start w.e.f., 1st October 2022.


The scheme is envisaged to bridge digital divide by developing and manufacturing the state-of-the-art technologies for rural and remote areas. The objectives are as follows:

  • Promote Technology Ownership and indigenous Manufacturing (Aatmanirbhar Bharat)
  • Reduce import and open up export opportunities
  • Proliferation of next generation Telecom technologies in Rural and Remote areas
  • Creating a culture of Technology co-creation and co-innovation

  • Promote the ecosystem for research, design, prototyping, development, proof of concept testing, IPR creation, field testing, security, certification and manufacturing of telecom products, end-to-end Solutions, Use cases, Pilots, etc.
  • Develop and establish relevant standards to meet national requirements and enable their standardization in international standardization bodies
Telecom Technology Development Fund

  • Promote rural-specific communication technology application / use case development that caters to the needs of rural masses and adds value to their day-to-day activities both economic and social
  • Create synergies among the Academia, Research Institutes, Start-ups and Industry for capacity building and development of telecom ecosystem through outreach to build rural / remote areas relevant technologies and solutions
  • Bridge the gap between R&D and commercialization of products and solutions
  • Enable proliferation of affordable broadband and mobile services
  • Enable technology demonstration, product integration, pilots and field trials of the products and solutions; Enable Technological / business model innovation in solutions and services by utilizing existing infrastructure of USOF/DoT/GoI funded project
  • Commercialize developed technologies under the scheme. USOF schemes shall incorporate necessary provisions to ensure to enable rollout of these indigenously developed and piloted technologies developed in all its models.
The following Indian entities are eligible for support from this fund.

The following Indian entities are only eligible for support from this fund.

  • Domestic Company(ies) with focus on telecom R&D, Use case development
  • Start-ups / MSMEs
  • Academic institutions
  • R&D institutions, Section 8 companies / Societies, Central & State government entities / PSUs /Autonomous Bodies/SPVs / Limited liability partnerships- with focus on telecom research and development
  • Collaborative consortium of above entities
  • For Pilots: The above entities may partner, inter alia, with PSUs, TSPs, Central/State Government entities, government autonomous bodies, SPVs etc.
Technology Domain

The Scheme will focus on the following areas, among others, to enable telecom services affordable and widespread in rural and remote areas:

  • LTE Advanced, 5G, 6G and beyond future generation access technologies, Satellite technologies including VSAT, LEO/MEO etc., Software Defined Networks (SDNs) and Network Function Virtualization (NFV), IOT/ M2M, Communication Cloud and data analytics, Edge Compute solutions
  • Backhaul Radio, Optical and Communication technologies including Free Space Optics, Optical Transport, Antenna systems, Advanced Optical Access & Transport technologies
  • Core, aggregate and edge routers, Ethernet Switches, Soft switches, xDSL, modems, x-PON, Consumer Routers and Switches, Advance Packet Technologies, Edge computing, AI/ML based solutions, Cognitive Sciences, Block chain/Distributed ledger Technology based solutions and Analytics
  • CPEs both terrestrial and satellite terminals, dongles / data cards, handsets, Wireless (Wi-Fi) Access Points & Controllers etc.
  • Convergence of telecom, IT and broadcasting technologies; Vertical specific testbeds for R&D in the development & proliferation of use cases
  • Telecommunication based Over-the-top (OTT) services as drivers for penetration of broadband services
  • Green and energy efficient technologies / solutions for the telecom sector
  • Products for effective disaster management in rural and remote areas, advanced disaster management Solutions
  • Network Management / Orchestration Technologies, Cyber Security solutions to secure telecom networking infrastructure and user data protection, District level data centres to cater to rural computing requirements, advanced telecom Security, interception and analytics
  • Communication modules and technologies for Drones and UAVs, Deep tech products and components such as SoC (System on Chip), Quantum Communications & Devices etc.
  • Satellite Communications, Broadcasting solutions.
  • Any next generation rural broadband connectivity architecture that can increase rural connectivity at a lower cost than current solutions and other technology areas (both hardware and software) and solutions considered relevant in the scope of the Scheme to achieve the stated objectives.
5G development under ‘India 5G Stack’ 6G & Beyond technology development
IoT & M2M development Other Telecom Technologies under various research program
Entrepreneurship Cell (for early-stage Start-ups) Research Scholarship program
Salient features of the TTDF Scheme
  • The scheme aims to promote research and development in the field of Telecommunications, Technologies and Solutions in line with Hon’ble Prime Minister’s call of “Jai Anusandhan”.
  • The scheme covers wide areas of technologies and solutions to enable affordable broadband and mobile service proliferation in rural and remote areas.
  • The scheme also intends creation of Intellectual Property Rights.
  • The intent for R&D funding through grants to Indian entities is to encourage and induct indigenous technologies tailor-made to meet our unique needs and enable creation of a telecom product ecosystem in India
  • The scheme provides for transparent objective evaluation and approval criteria.
  • The scheme contains well defined process for implementation and monitoring of approved projects.
  • The scheme envisages independent review by third party.
Steps for Participation:
  • Please read the Guidelines carefully
  • Download the participation form Click Here
  • Take a print-out of the form and fill all fields with your correct details
  • Scan the filled form and upload by clicking on Submit Proposal (Mandatory)
  • Send the original form by post on below address:
Director (IS-II), Room No.1015,10th Floor, Sanchar Bhawan, 20, Ashoka Road, New Delhi – 110001.
  • Start date: 1st October 2022
  • End date: 31st December 2022
Frequently Asked Questions

In the application the applicant should mention the details of investors. In case of consortium, the lead investor should be mentioned.

The land building etc. shall not a part of eligible expenditure for the funding. Kindly refer to Clause 5 of TTDF guidelines available on USOF website.



Please refer to Clause - 6 of TTDF guidelines available on USOF website.


Kindly refer to Clause 8 of TTDF guidelines available on USOF website.

List of Subjects
S.No. Status Subject of Proposal Area Details
1 Open Collaborative development of disaggregated 5G Radio Access Network solution 5G Click here
2 Open Collaborative development of Free space optical communication (FSOC) solution Optical Communication Click here
3 Open Proposal for Blockchain based solution for mobile theft prevention Blockchain Click here
4 Open Development of solution/Product for communication through Li-Fi Li-Fi Communication Click here
5 Open Collaborative development of IP KHOSH (a Repository of IP Corpus in 5G) IP Repository Click here
6 Open Proposal seeking Solutions for self-correcting Network in telecom AI Networks Click here
7 Open Security & Encryption platform based on homomorphic Encryption Security & Encryption platform Click here
8 Open Security & Encryption platform based on secure multi party computation Security & Encryption platform Click here
9 Open Security & Encryption platform based on Lattice-based cryptography Security & Encryption platform Click here
10 Open Development of secure WiFi/ 5G tablet Wi-Fi and 5G Security Click here
11 Open Development of Zero Trust Platform for 5G Service Providers 5G Security Click here
12 Open Development of Low-cost 5G Hand-set 5G Security Device Click here
13 Open Development of rugged handheld quantum-secure two-way radio communication equipment Secured Communication Equipment Click here
14 Open Proposal for detection and prevention of a cyber threat before it can invade a system. Cyber Security Click here
15 Open Proposal for HMI (Human Machine Intelligence) based SOAR solution Cyber Security Click here
16 Open Development of 400/800Gbps FPGA Card for IPFIX Flow Generation Hardware design for FPGA based Application Click here
17 Open To design and develop a model for fast detection of images from a huge database of 125 crore plus images. AI enabled use cases applications Click here
18 Open AI enabled self-networked remotely operated vehicles (ROV) AI enabled use cases applications Click here
19 Open Face recognition using drones AI enabled use cases applications Click here
20 Open Application for Image quality enhancement of low resolution/ blurry images of faces AI enabled use cases applications Click here
21 Open Text to Speech conversion for Indian English and Indian vernacular languages AI enabled use cases applications Click here
22 Open File Sanitization Solution (FSS) – Mitigation of malware threats by scanning files, identifying active content, and removing active code. File Security Click here
23 Open CBC-RAN Interworking Function for Cell Broadcast Centre (CBC) Integration in TSP Networks Cell Broadcast /Mobile Tech Click here
24 Open Interworking of H.323 and legacy Video Conferencing Systems AI enabled use cases applications Click here
25 Open Immersive multimedia communication using XR- enhance the current C-DOT secured unified communication solutions for providing an immersive experience. AI enabled use cases applications Click here
26 Open Federated architecture based Collaborative Working Platform - Collaborative Working Platform for the government officials and the citizens AI enabled use cases applications Click here
27 Open Digital Meeting Assistant (Part of C-DOT AI solutions for in-house use) AI enabled use cases applications Click here
28 Open 3D Point Cloud based Visual Positioning and Navigation System using LIDAR Positioning using LIDAR Click here
29 Open Optimising location accuracy in a positioning system while minimizing number of BLE (Bluetooth low Energy) Beacons. Positioning Click here
30 Open Accurate User Location determination up to 1 meter using LiFi Positioning Click here
31 Open Suo Moto    
Implementation Mechanism
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