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  • Why We Do
  • Provide widespread and non-discriminatory access to quality ICT services at affordable prices to people in rural and remote areas.
  • Provide an effective and powerful linkage to the hinterland thereby mainstreaming the population of rural and remote parts of the country.
  • Ensure that universal services are provided in an economically efficient manner.
  • Ensure that by developing hitherto unconnected areas, the benefits of inclusive growth are reaped by our nation, bringing in its wake rapid socio-economic development and improved standards of living.

People in rural and remote areas of the country where ICT services are not available due to commercial non-viability on account of various combinations of reasons such as:

  • Sparse population
  • Remoteness of areas
  • Absence of supporting infrastructure (power, road etc.)
  • Low income of inhabitants
  • Insurgency
  • Difficult terrain

It is here that USOF Administration steps in to provide subsidy support thereby incentivizing telecom service providers to venture forth and provide services to such target beneficiaries.

  • Market Gap/failure - At current competition/market maturity, ICT Services cannot be provided
  • Access Gap - Prohibitive cost of service provision or Infeasibility due to society’s expectations of 3A’s (availability, accessibility & affordability) and ‘Beyond 3A’s i.e. fairness, equity
  • To bridge Rural- Urban digital divide
  • Socio-Exclusion & Economic-lag of rural citizens due to Market & Access Gap
  • "Lack of a business case” for telecom companies- Higher capital cost of providing telecom services in rural and remote areas; these areas also generate lower revenue due to lower population density, low income and lack of commercial activity. Thus normal market forces alone would not direct the telecom sector to adequately serve backward and rural areas.
  • Government’s Constitutional Obligation to grant Services to every citizen irrespective of socio-economic considerations & geographical location



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  • newTender for support from uso fund for provision of mobile Services in identified uncovered villages & seamless mobile coverage along National Highways in Andaman & Nicobar Islands (ANI)- Reg. cancellation of tender. Read More


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